Reduced Pain of heavy A/R and backlog
for a pain management client

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Our client a pain management practice in Northern Jersey switched RCM to us after identifying problems with their cashflows. After a free practice audit following were the

After deploying our team to first understand the problem and then correct the process and reduce the billing and A/R backlog. In the next 2 months, these were

Challenges Identified

Results Achieved

Process improvement for multi-specialty
clients led to accelerated cash flow

One of the biggest practice Management companies based out in Southern California, US providing End to End RCM services.

Client’s Requirement

Our client is a practice management company serving over 50 physicians in 8 specialties. We were brought in to identify causes of revenue leakage


We identified that the database was highly unreliable with several issues:
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Physician and Hospital Metrics

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case study 2
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Client Benefits