Back-end Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Key advantages to outsourcing your back-end RCM to us.

Timely and Accurate Reimbursement

Our team is disciplined to perform efficient and timely processing of claims, ensuring timely submission to payers, and accurate billing. By promptly submitting clean claims with proper documentation, we help expedite reimbursement and reduce the risk of delayed or denied payments.

Denial Prevention and Management

Our robust denial management processes identify and resolve claim denials analyze denial trends, identify root causes, and implement corrective actions. Any denials are corrected and resubmitted within 48 hours of receipt.

Increased Revenue Recovery

Our methodical and meticulous enable organizations to identify underpaid or unpaid claims and initiate appropriate actions for revenue recovery. This includes appealing denied claims, following up on unpaid claims, and negotiating with payers to resolve payment discrepancies.

Efficient Payment Posting and Reconciliation

Our operational metrics create a discipline to post for payment no later than 48 hours after receipt. Our processes ensure accurate payment posting, reconciliation, and management of accounts receivable (AR). It matches payments received from payers with corresponding claims and ensures proper allocation. For our customers the A/R metrics in <10% for 90-120 days claims which are less than the industry average.

Financial Visibility and Planning

We provide you with financial visibility and insights into revenue streams, payment patterns, and reimbursement trends. It enables you to forecast revenue, plan budgets, and make strategic financial decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information.